What to Pack?

When I am giving my elevator pitch about my amulets, I always say something like, "And when you travel, just grab a handful and you have a different look every day." 

Not that I don't really think this, but in a crazy packing frenzy today, I literally grabbed a handful of assorted amulets and stuck them in a pouch. I laughed to myself and thought,"Yeah, it's actually really useful." 

With me as I roam the streets of over-priced San Francisco, I will also have a little bit of Rome, Lisbon and Mexico City tagging along.

I would love to know your favorite combinations. Keys with a moment of lace? Are you strictly spiritual with an ever-present Buddha visage? 

Whatever it is, I'm sure it's perfect. 

We always have new amulets, so check it out.  Portugal is coming your way soon!

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