Journal Entry: Iceland, August 23, 2008

Walked down the main street and went to the flea market. Lots of plastic + second-hand leather and fur jackets. It wasn't the best market, but I found stamps and postcards from a guy playing a great Stones CD... Found lace as well from one of the more "antique" stalls. There were all sorts of salted foods being sold in the room to the side...then we had a cafe latte and walked back to the hotel.

We went to the Blue Lagoon, which was amazing, and I put on a thick layer of silica mask and forgot about how unhelpful the Icelanders are. We are on the bus at the moment, it is still drizzling.

Met our tour guide who took us all through the golden circle.... We learned a whole lot about trolls & elves. We learned all about the Viking culture and the women Vikings who got land if they could run for 24 hours over their desired space with a cow in tow...


So, this was one of my first trips to the flea markets in search of (wasn't sure what) objects to make into jewelry. I chose Reykjavik because of its flea market I had read about. I got one of my former college roommates to make the journey with me, not a type of trip we may have thought of in our angsty mid-1990s dorm room.

It was a simpler time back then. My friend didn't have kids and I thought this jewelry thing was going to be a breeze. None of our time at the ice bar or hot springs were captured on Facebook, which seems almost old-timey now. I can't help but laugh at my calling the Rolling Stones, "The Stones" and that someone was actually listening to them on a CD. I do recall the dreary weather, smearing my face with so much mud at the Blue Lagoon thermal baths in an effort to look younger (I thought I was old), and that the Icelanders were not particularly helpful.

I recall being stunned by the Viking woman running challenge. Then again, it's 2018 and women have their own modern-day version of the cow in tow.

From that trip, I created a particular design derived from a piece of lace I found in that very flea market. I still make jewelry from it and it brings with it that odd trip with an old friend, knowledge of a quirky culture and a legend of women much stronger than I.

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