Journal Entry: Mexico City and Frida Kahlo

January 2016, Mexico City,

Frida Khalo Museum: Left the Frida Kahlo museum. Best museum I have ever visited. Her story is an amazement. To think of the amount of pain she was in, yet her ability to live life so fully. Her obsession with Diego Rivera is otherworldly. They both had affairs, he actually had an affair with her sister. Her art is a tapestry of symbols that direct you through her life, history, political views. The blue, they said, used in the house to represent Mayan culture.

Food Tour: I tried a cricket. Kind of gross. We also tried Pulque, which is some alcohol drink that dates back to the Aztecs. It was really thick, like the liquid from cactus...The Aztecs used to use the Pulque in rituals. Aztecs didn't have the wheel, I found out, so there was no way to transport fish from the coasts. They used to mix cocoa with blood and drink it during ceremonies...Mayans didn't have metal, livestock, rice. They were unable to slice anything.

Langunilla Flea Market: What a day. The Langunilla is enormous...The market is what I imagine Porta Portese once was...The mirrors and chandeliers were particularly beautiful...I just couldn't handle carrying one home...The vendors didn't halk at you, but they were willing to bargain...had a cheese and blue corn tortilla, which was not the cleanest food I have ever eaten...I then attempted to call an Uber, but he couldn't find me...I feel guilty not using public transportation

I just stuffed myself again...

As you can probably see, I overate on this trip. Looking back on my journal, I see that a lot of pages are dedicated to what I ingested. If in Mexico City, please eat your way out. An organized street food tour is the way to go.

The best part of taking these street tours (I do one in every city), is the history and cultural details you pick up. I must have been so annoying with my audible shock when I learned that Aztecs didn't have wheels or knives and that human sacrifice and blood drinking happened, a lot.

I love how I said that the Frida Khalo Museum was the best one I had ever been to. I do tend to love the last thing I saw and did; I am very impressionable. But I think I loved that the Museum was her house, which offered a window into her life. The intimacy is disarming as you see where she cooked, ate, slept and painted. Armed with the plastic headset, you are somewhat transported into a passionate life. It was difficult for me not to view her relationship with Diego Rivera through a modern, post-Oprah lense. I wondered, "why?" and thought how I just don't have the energy for that kind of attachment.

The flea market offered so much that I am still creating work from what I collected. Milagros, the amulets placed around churches or shrines for healing, seemed like the perfect focus of a Mexico collection. They have been prayed upon and display deep grooves from fingers pushing with intention. It is that strong spirit and passion I witnessed in the city's history, art and culture that I hope to breathe into these pieces.

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